Ways to Market your Music: Building Your Own Fan Base 2.0

Ways to Market your Music: Building Your Own Fan Base 2.0

Ways to Market your Music: Building Your Own Fan Base 2.0

In our generation, different kinds of music can be heard from every corner. There are many
artists and musicians who are gaining popularity from all over the world. Entering the crowded
industry is never easy.

Musicians should not just create their own music but they should also know how to create their
own audience, keep them and even grow them into a larger scale. If you want to turn your
passion for music into your career you should learn how to value your audience.

Artists should know that their audience is the key to open more opportunities in their career. So
here are some tips for musicians on how to create audience and grow them.

The first thing to know is learning the definition of “music marketing”. No matter how many
songs you create and no matter how beautiful they are, if you do not know how to market them
and let people hear it, no one will know it exist. You need to express yourself first to the public.

Let people know you are a musician, give them the chance to hear your music and frequently
engage to them.

  • Be confident and let people hear your music through different gigs outside. You will
    never know who might appreciate your music along the way and someone might
    probably give you a major break.
  • Use the different social networking sites to your advantage. Doing gigs outside are really
    helpful, but letting the online community from all over the world hear your music is
    another story.

However, there are some things you need to know for this step to be fully productive.
1. If you will add your possible fans or audience one by one on line, it will be
time consuming for you and you might not also be able to reach your core
audience. Instead, find where your audience hangs out and reach them all at

2. You have to remember that your genre is really important in finding your
potential audience. Build relationships to the people who accept and
appreciate the same type of music as yours. It can be, YouTube Channels,
big websites, Facebook and Twitter pages and groups whom you know listen
to your genre.

3. Remember, engaging with your fans one by one is really important but if you
want to build a fan base, connect to the people whom you know can help you
reach a much larger audience.

These are just some points you might want to remember if you want to pursue your career in
music. Success is a long tiring journey, but every hard work will all soon pay off.


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