The Key to Audience Scaling: Be a Confident Performer

The Key to Audience Scaling: Be a Confident Performer

The Key to Audience Scaling: Be a Confident Performer

The audience can influence tremendously the performance of a musician either positively or negatively. But if we will think twice, musicians also influence the audience at the same time. We all know that they can gain more people at their show if they will give their best shot. And to have the best performance, you need to be more confident than ever.

When we know how to employ smart strategies, we’re set to defuse nerves and deliver heartfelt performances. With that, here are 9 strategies that you can apply to become a more confident performer:

  • Develop positive responses to stress.  In and of itself, stress isn’t a problem at all; it’s how we react to it that determines whether we excel or crack under pressure.
  • Refine your self-evaluation skills. Just like what we’ve learn in chemistry, everything takes experimentation. If we experiment, we will improve on stage or in studio. But to learn from our experiences, we have to honestly size up our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Affirm meaning in performing. Performing will absolutely take conviction. To play instruments, or sing confidently, we need to believe in the music we present and our missions as performing artists.
  • Acclimate to performance settings. When we gain experience with diverse performance environments, though, we can feel at home wherever we perform.
  • Learn performance-enhancing techniques. When performance is on, it’s natural for a musician to feel surge of adrenaline. But techniques like mental imaging will help you inoculate to situational pressures.
  • Acquire comprehensive practice skills. When we learn music deeply, our command holds up even in trying circumstances.
  • Reinforce performance habits. Performance skills become habitual only through steady practice, which is why it’s essential that we emphasize habits of excellence whenever we play or sing.
  • Build up presentation skills. Practice performances provide ideal opportunities for us to become adept with stage presence, speaking to audiences, getting along with them and the like.
  • Choose accessible plays. Easy music leaves us with the inner capacity we need to focus on performance, counteract, jitters, and build confidence.

Have you read all of the listed strategies above? Just follow them on each and every performance of yours, and I’ll assure you that your nervousness on stage will be gone soon. Just always remember that being confident can lead you to a successful show and can bring you the size of audience that you’re wishing for.


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