Ways to Double Up the Size of your Audience

Ways to Double Up the Size of your Audience

Ways to Double Up the Size of your Audience

The audience is the most important instrument of musicians nowadays. Maybe you know in yourself that you’re a good artist, but are you sure if people around you appreciate you as well as your music?

No one builds their audience by just clicking links all day. You build your own audience by taking action; testing and learning what works, and eliminating what doesn’t. Try something new for you to get what you need:

Building video content and marketing on YouTube
Increasing the rate and quality of producing music videos or video content can be a powerful way of exponentially growing your audience. Because as the number of videos on your YouTube page cumulates, the results begin to compound.

More Frequent Gigging
As a musician, you really need to get out there, and perform shows day in and day out. No online tools or apps can match that effort. They can complement it, but they can’t replace it.

However, not all gigs are created equal, and the smart musicians out there know the difference between a gig that will build more audience, and one that won’t.

If you don’t know where to start, think about of what gigs you’ve played had the best impact to your audience. Then start making a decision of going out to different places; have some tour, repeat it, give your best shot, and get along with your audience.

Play Charity Events
Play at charity events will always be a win-win. You get to give back to your community and support a cause you care about, while also giving you a positive exposure to your new audience.

Do a Giveaway at Least Once in a While
Everyone loves getting free stuff right? That’s for sure! Offer a download of an exclusive track in exchange for an email address, or run a giveaway on social media.

If you can incentivize your existing audience or should I say your loyal fans, you’re likely to earn new audience of your music in the process.

Release Great Music
When it comes down to it, if your music is anything less than remarkable, you will be having a hard time of gaining new audience. Focus thoroughly on building your songs and performance chop. This is the most important; prove them that you’re worth it.

If you want to double up your audience, it is possible. You must be very responsible of knowing what your goals are and exert much effort. You can try to follow what we’ve write here and everything good will follow in your career.


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