Be the Best You Can Be: Master your Craft

Be the Best You Can Be: Master your Craft

Be the Best You Can Be: Master your Craft

Everyone has the capacity to master any skill. It is about how you live to your passion. But many individual give way to pitfalls such as boredom, impatience, uncertainty, and the fear which cripple your learning and halt progress towards mastery.

There are different steps to become a master of your passion, but the first step to becoming a master of it is to rediscover the primal instinct that first sparked your curiosity. Most individual discovered their talent or passion on the early age, but had id suppressed by time, parents, friends or peers, and societal pressure, allowing this thing to happen influence an individual to unhappiness.

To reconnect to your passion and roots follow these list:

  1. Return your origins. Many masters discovered their inclinations during childhood. Remember what are you obsessed with then you are young?
  1. Occupy the perfect place. Find fields where your skills can be flourishing, because remember you do not want to invest in something you will end up not gaining anything.
  1. Avoid the false path. Do not be seduced to a field for wealth, popularity, or pressure from your peers, and family. Be honest to yourself of what you really want, what are your best interest and have that courage to pursue them.
  1. Let go of the past. Your past decisions do not reflect who you are and who you should be. Don’t let past weigh you down. If something feels wrong about things that you are pursuing and you really don’t like it, quit.
  1. Find your way back. You will encounter different problems along the way, hardships that will cross your path throughout your journey. If you decide to quit, you can always return.

Mastery can only be attained through the development of a comprehensive knowledge or skill. It is the highest order of accomplishment in your craft. Mastery do not require you to be perfect, but what it requires you is to pursue perfection and your desire end.

This distinction is important because it allows you to enjoy results you produce while adopting a mindset that requires you to pour your heart and soul into your work.

Being able to go back to your roots, you will be able to discover yourself more, discovering your core passion in the midst of it. You will be fulfilled once you pursue what you want and once you have what it takes to pursue what you want then there is the opportunity for you to grow more.


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