4 Psychological Skills You Need to Help you Master Your Craft

4 Psychological Skills You Need to Help you Master Your Craft

4 Psychological Skills You Need to Help you Master Your Craft

Master musicians are those who possess exceptional control, knowledge, and understanding of their craft. But there’s more to becoming a successful one than practicing. You can actually easily learn all the scales in the book and perfect your technique. But if you don’t have certain psychological skills, all of your effort may just go to waste.

Oftentimes, musicians completely negate the psychological aspects of their trade. It’s tough to measure them because they’re not physical. They cannot be seen like the keys on the piano or notes on your guitar. Despite that, these skills exist and they should be considered.

To help you master your craft, you should have these 4 psychological skills:


  • Energy management


           Being a musician is a tiring career. Between the long hours on the road, longer night on the stage and the physical toll taken on the body, it’s common to feel exhausted at the end of every day. That’s why you need to learn how to keep your energy stays on track despite all of the tiring days that passed.  Divide up your day evenly so you’re not doing one activity for too long. Keeping organized can help you lessen your stress and therefore save your energy.


  • Focus


           Focus requires quieting the mind. At any given time, it’s possible that there can be several different thoughts going through your head that can actually distract you. These thoughts will take you out of the zone, and your music will suffer for it. Quiet the mind the best that you can and keep your thoughts solely on the music.


  • Resilience


           Being a musician, difficulties and toughness are always along the way. Thus, we need to learn how we can adopt to every situation that we encountered. It’s not a rare skill to have at all. Resilience can be found in everyone and developed further. It’s less of a trait and more of a process.


  • Preparation


           Preparation is also an essential skill in psychology that every musician should have. You may think that preparing in music simply just means practicing. While we’re thinking that mastering a song before we go out to play is an effective method, there are psychological skills also that need to undergo preparation as well.

One easy way to practice preparation is through visualization. Don’t picture the negative outcomes of a situation, instead, picture yourself succeeding. It can really help you ease anxiety and get you in the mood to perform.

The skills mentioned above are just some of those psychological factors that can help you to master your craft. Learning these skills can lead you to a better musician that you’re aiming for, and the good thing is you can improve even without getting your finances affected.



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