How to Master your Craft without Suffering your Finances

How to Master your Craft without Suffering your Finances

How to Master your Craft without Suffering your Finances

Believe it or not, musicians go on tour to save money. It is not a lot of money to live with, but certainly, once you come out on top it is the icing on the cake. When you are just starting it will be less profitable months or years to come but on the latter part of the day when you are on top and have the money to fund everything, you still need to plan every detail carefully, mastering your craft is also mastering your finances.

Being able to manage your finances is not just a must, it is the key if you really want to start saving money in the industry.

Tips to cut down expenses on tour:

With any money on hand, there’s a room for optimization.

  1. Accommodations. Nothing is going to bring your money down instantly tan spending money on hotels, everyday or even a week. Always ask the producer if they have a place for you to stay if not don’t be afraid to look for a friend or family member along the area and ask whether you can stay.
  2. Vehicle rental. Be keen on choosing what vehicle to use, the bigger it gets the bigger the cost of the gas, so look that out.
  3. Food. Always ask your producer to provide for your meals, it’s the least thing they can do. So do your best to have at least one meal a day covered.
  4. Tour promotion. You don’t need commercials, what you basically need is a simple Facebook Advertising, in the world today social media is a huge platform for you to promote everything.
  5. Equipment or instrument rental. The only time you have to rent instruments is if you have to ride a plane, but you know if you can bring your own why not, it can low the cost of your rentals. Renting a sound system is not necessarily needed; they are brutal and not honest.

Where to splurge your finances?

Invest in your music career, you just made a ton of money from your music – you did a great job. You can have a party if you want to.

If you want to further master and reinvesting in your music career, you will be able to scale your gear up, your image, your marketing, your performances and any other things that you need to grow further in the industry to have better opportunities.

When it comes to money, it can make or break you. Money is but a tool, you just have to think whether it’s for the good thing or bad.

You have to pursue a vision that you value whatever you have, and put a great emphasis on becoming and a good manager of your money.


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