About Us

I am an aspiring musician who loves to meet and follow talented musicians from all around the world. I love the thought of being people who share the same passion as mine. However, having this kind of hobby can be quite costly, especially that musicians are just travelers who want to roam from one city to another.
That is why I have decided to incorporate my financial skills into my hobby. The intention of this page is not only to share my thoughts on composing music but as well as share tips on how talented musicians can make money from this career. As most people choose to believe, being a musician is not a kind of job that can support a family. But I want to prove those critics wrong. Being financially free and stable does not depend on what career you pursue, it is in the way that you handle your finances.

Who wouldn’t want to hear new melodies and be pampered by great music? For sure, music-lovers like you will be more inspired with what we offer here. Welcome to Stephanie Smith Music!Browse around our website and you’ll find great insights and tips about:


– Business of Music
– Mastering of Craft
– Expenses
– Hiring opportunities
– And everything about music!

A whole lot more will be provided in this website. We love sharing how you can turn your passion into a worthy career! Flourish your budding music career and bewildered not with the right path you should take.

Stephanie Smith Music also shares tips on how you will absolutely master your craft and take this into a whole new level of expertise. Let your voice be heard as you unleash your potentials as you read and learn from what we share. So, feel the beat, go with the rhythm, and sway as we both enjoy the wonders of music, here at Stephanie Smith Music website!

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