Published by :Stephanie Smith

Ways to Market your Music: Building Your Own Fan Base 2.0

In our generation, different kinds of music can be heard from every corner. There are many artists and musicians who are gaining popularity from all over the world. Entering the crowded industry is never easy. Musicians should not just create their own music but they should also know how to create their own audience, keep […]

Number 1 Question for Musicians: How to Get Your First Job and Make Profits in this  Career?

Just like in any other industry, finding your first job in the music industry is really a big headache. There may be a lot of job opportunities but finding what really fits for you is really hard. Especially if you don’t have any personal connections in the industry or you don’t even have an outstanding […]

The Young Musician’s Guide to Getting in to the Music Industry

Each and every talented young ones are excited to get their first job in specific industry where they’re into. And musicians are one of those who are having a difficult time to enter the world that they are aiming for, it’s because companies nowadays are being strict in hiring people. Music industry wants to recruit […]