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Ways to Double Up the Size of your Audience

Ways to Double Up the Size of your Audience

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The audience is the most important instrument of musicians nowadays. Maybe you know in yourself that you’re a good artist, but are you sure if people around you appreciate you as well as your music? No one builds their audience by just clicking links all day. You build your own audience by taking action; testing […]

The Key to Audience Scaling: Be a Confident Performer

The audience can influence tremendously the performance of a musician either positively or negatively. But if we will think twice, musicians also influence the audience at the same time. We all know that they can gain more people at their show if they will give their best shot. And to have the best performance, you […]

Ways to Market your Music: Building Your Own Fan Base 2.0

In our generation, different kinds of music can be heard from every corner. There are many artists and musicians who are gaining popularity from all over the world. Entering the crowded industry is never easy. Musicians should not just create their own music but they should also know how to create their own audience, keep […]

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