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How to Master your Craft without Suffering your Finances

Believe it or not, musicians go on tour to save money. It is not a lot of money to live with, but certainly, once you come out on top it is the icing on the cake. When you are just starting it will be less profitable months or years to come but on the latter […]

4 Psychological Skills You Need to Help you Master Your Craft

Master musicians are those who possess exceptional control, knowledge, and understanding of their craft. But there’s more to becoming a successful one than practicing. You can actually easily learn all the scales in the book and perfect your technique. But if you don’t have certain psychological skills, all of your effort may just go to […]

Be the Best You Can Be: Master your Craft

Be the Best You Can Be: Master your Craft

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Everyone has the capacity to master any skill. It is about how you live to your passion. But many individual give way to pitfalls such as boredom, impatience, uncertainty, and the fear which cripple your learning and halt progress towards mastery. There are different steps to become a master of your passion, but the first […]

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